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Functional Medicine

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DIGESTIVE health and DETOXIFICATION are the first pillar of health.

Chronic disease and inflammatory processes can be reversed by fixing your body's bacterial diversity. Research is now pointing towards healthy microbiome for reversal of weight gain, hormonal dysregulation, and fatigue. Our 2 step process looks to first remove what's not needed and then replace it with what is. Many of your symptoms will go away after you properly detoxify your body and have healed your digestive system. Our comprehensive stool analysis will allow us to guide you in this process.


Each of us are unique individuals and therefore require unique NUTRITION.

With our micro-nutrient and food sensitivity testing we can determine what foods best serve you in your quest for health. Nutritional imbalances are rampant in American society as we are a nation that is over fed and undernourished. Even though we have followed the food pyramid we are still getting sicker and fatter every year.


Your body makes hundreds of HORMONES and in order for you to function properly you've got to have them all working together.

You've got stress hormones from your adrenal glands, metabolism hormones from your thyroid, and sex hormones from the reproductive organs. Each one of these hormones plays a key role in allowing your body to stay healthy. One of the hormones that we want to look at is cortisol. Cortisol is your stress hormone that is produced by your adrenal glands. Most Americans have imbalances in cortisol levels because of the high levels of stress. Cortisol interrupts healthy sleep patterns and can also be a contributing factor to being overweight, predominantly that unwanted lower belly fat.


"We can't EXERCISE for you" is the name of  one of our fitness and exercise classes.

We believe that exercise is medicine and therefore should be dosed according to your hormonal levels and physical abilities. Establishing goals and working towards more physical activity and better exercise is what our program is designed to accomplish. Getting the right exercises will allow you to sleep better, lose belly fat and have greater levels of self-confidence.


Your BRAIN HEALTH is the fifth pillar of health that we find absolutely critical in designing a lifestyle for optimal health.

We look at how your brain is functioning from a cognitive perspective and also look at neurotransmitter formation from the bacteria in your digestive tract. We train you on how to keep your brain calm even during times of stress with meditation and Qi gong exercises. We also find it imperative to stay positive and to see the amazing gifts that you have in your life. 

The Five Pillars of Health
are what we have found to be the most necessary points of focus when it comes to creating a long-term solution for your health.