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Welcome to your health and happiness

For thousands of years, practitioners of Chinese medicine have used a combination of herbs, needles, diet and lifestyle interventions to maintain health and vitality, prevent illness, prolong life, treat diseases, and support healing. Chinese medicine can be a powerful part of a regimen of good self care that helps you maintain or recover your health.

Our primary focus at Original Medicine is on the restoration and maintenance of your overall health and wellness utilizing Chinese Medicine and modern diagnostic testing. Our acupuncture treatments will help resolve your symptoms while at the same time we address the root of your imbalance through Chinese Herbal medicine, supplementation and clinical nutrition.

Treating the whole, not just the symptoms

Each one of us is an individual, and our bodies respond differently to stimulus. Within the Chinese Medicine model, we are able to recognize your individuality, and work with its unique constitution to bring you to a greater state of health and happiness.

Our services include: